What is happening here ?

We specialize in fried chicken. Sometimes we’re here,
but if we’re not, chances are we’re surfing.

Fresh chicken, cold beer and unique cocktails with a constant flow of hip-hop.

Good service in a chill environment that makes you feel at home. That’s our vibe. If we start dancing, don’t be mad.

We provide a unique global taste and experience with the highest quality ingredients inspired by the best fried chicken restaurants in New Orleans, Seoul, Paris,New York, Toronto and beyond.

Quality and respect is our main focus. Our chickens are raised outdoors and fed with
100% natural food from local farms. Everything we cook is fresh and made to order.


The Delrieu brothers, Arthur and Hugo.
It has been more than 10 years since they fell in love with Lisbon. Always on the lookout for the last restaurant that has just opened, and constantly in debate when it comes to defining the best churasqueira of the city.
Their obsession is fried chicken; and that's what led them to travel to get the best inspirations; from Paris, through Seoul, New York  and especially New Orleans.
They know how much the Lisboates are attached to the chicken, they wanted to offer them another way to approach it, to savor it.
The city of Lisbon also deserves a fried chicken restaurant worthy of its name; Hugo and Arthur are at the service and ensure that all the dishes that come out of the kitchen reflect the quality and the requirement that they were able to find in the best fried chicken restaurant of the world.